What is Journey to Bethlehem and when is it?

Journey to Bethlehem is an outdoor 40-45 minute walk portraying the journey that Joseph and Mary may have taken on their way from Nazareth to Bethlehem to pay Caesar’s tax.
Travelers encounter Roman Soldiers on horseback, Wise Men, Shepherds and lots more! In 2020 it will take place December 3-5 from 6-9 PM. Expect a fun and inspiring evening designed to help you experience what life might have been like the night of the first Christmas, when Christ was born. After the outdoor journey, food is served and children's activities take place inside in our "Winter Wonderland"!

Where does it take place?

It happens on the grounds of RHCC located near the intersection of Silknitter & Rose Hill Rd at 314 N Rose Hill Rd, Rose Hill, KS 67133
From East Wichita (Kellogg east to Andover Rd, then south to RH)
From Augusta (Kellogg west to Andover Rd, then south to RH)
From North Derby (Patriot/63rd east to RH Road, then south)
From South Derby (Madison/79th east to RH Road, then north)

What is the cost?

The entire event is free including the journey, food, crafts, inflatables and pictures with Santa Claus.

May I make a donation?

Donations are gratefully accepted.  All donations will be used for this ministry event.  If you would like to make a financial contribution, please make checks payable to RHCC and indicate it is for Journey to Bethlehem.  As you leave the Winter Wonderland, there will be a designated spot to place voluntary donations.

What should I wear?

We would recommend dressing warmly with comfortable walking shoes. Please refer the weather forecast for the Wichita area and dress accordingly. Keep in mind that you will spend approximately 40 minutes outside exposed to the elements.

Is the Journey handicap accessible?

The Journey to Bethlehem involves a 40 minute stroll around a grass field. There are no hills, but the ground is uneven in many places. There is also minimal lighting from nearby street lights, torches, fire pits and an occasional spot light. A wheelchair would be difficult to push along the route, especially after rain or snow. We will have a golf cart available at a first come, first serve basis. If you are ready to start the Journey and a golf cart is not available, you can step aside and wait for one. There are two small steps to climb at the end of the Journey to enter the Winter Wonderland.

Are there restrooms available?

Restrooms are available inside the Worship Center as you enter to take your journey.  There are no restroom facilities along the trail.  Plan for a 40-45 minute walk without restroom facilities.   The most convenient times to visit the restroom would be when you first arrive and after the Journey during your stay in the Winter Wonderland.

Will the Journey to Bethlehem be cancelled in the case of bad weather?

We would cancel only in extreme cases of snow, ice, wind or dangerous temperatures. We will post any cancellation notices on the rosehillcc.org home page, on our Facebook page. If able, we will also be included in any lists posted on local TV stations.

Where do we park?

We will have parking assistants stationed at the entrance to our parking lot. Overflow can park on the street, but please use caution when in traffic.

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